The Gospel Center of Norway
- An alternative in the care for people depending on drugs and alcohol

Ludvig Karlsen

For the memory of Ludvig Karlsen.
His wife, Lise Karlsen, carries the work further for the benefit of thousands of drug addicts and alcoholics in Norway

We believe in care for our fellow humans. The main therapy is the renewing power of the Gospel. We believe in the "Jesus dimension" and we know that a christian faith can change every person.


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Gratulerer Norge at Ludvig Karlsen og Aril Edvardsen ble halehelter på Norwegian fly.

Dette er to kristne ledere som har betydd mye for vårt land med sine lederevner, sin ståpå vilje og sin gudsfrykt.

During his last years Ludvig Karlsen made a dictionary about the Romani language. This is now used by universities all over the world

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Research results on the Gospel Center

(Cand.Real. Knut Sørsdal) The board of the Gospel Center has always been very careful to provide accurate reporting on the work of the Center and have spent time on research numbers and accounts that are in existence. In 2002 The Gospel Center was discussed in Norwegian media on their presentation of research result and I wrote some articles in several newspapers about the subject.

Figures on freedom from addiction

One of the points was that The Gospel Center had used figures from other institutions to compare their own results with drug addicts. The crucial point was that The Gospel Center had decleared that their result was better than the results of others. I answered that the figures for freedom from addiction that apply to other institutions comes from a survey that was done in the early 90s and was published in many newspapers. The Gospel Center has used these figures in its internal annual report for 2002 but have not found them themselves.

The Gospel Center had been quoted in a report done by an external researcher - Dr.Olav Helge Angell - from the Social department of Norway on freedom from addiction. Their survey found that up to - that's 26% - where free from addiction after having completed the theraphy of a Gospel center. In meetings and campaigns of The Gospel Center are often a higher figure for freedom from addiction used - 42%. The reason for this figure are surveys that were made by The Gospel Center in the first ten-year period 1983-1993.

This survey laid emphasis on ensuring that the client should be free from addiction at the time of the survey. The survey of the Social Department is based on the asumption that the client is completely free from addiction on the time of the survey and has been so since the therapy ended and the stay at the Gospel Center was finished, while the Gospel Center has tolerated one or more backfalls if the client has improved on the time of the survey.

At the time of the survey of the Social Department, The Gospel Center made their own survey directed by Cand.Real. Knut Sørsdal and Monika Johansen. This survey was done with other parameters than those of the survey by Dr. Angell. This last survey gave better results for freedom from addiction (about the same as was found on a similar institution in Sweden) that the survey of Dr. Angell.

However, there was a remarkable correlation of data on all other points. All other data - except freedom from addiction - that Social Department has found, is identical with the figures that are produced by the Gospel Centers own investigations - 80% have been given a better life situations, 70% have experienced a religious conversion.

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